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The 1870s


Gustave Trouvé took part in the improvement in communication systems with several noteworthy innovations.


In 1872 he developed a portable military telegraph whose cabling enabled rapid communication up to a distance of one kilometer, enabling the swift transmission of both orders and reports back from the Front. 










In 1874, he developed an ingenious device for locating and extracting metal objects such as bullets from human patients, the prototype of today’s metal detector. 

In 1878, he improved the sound intensity of 

Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone system by

incorporating a double membrane.


The same year he invented a highly sensitive

portable microphone. Trouvé soon came to be

known and respected by his talent for



The same year, using a battery developed by 

Gaston Planté, and a small incandescent airtight

bulb, he innovated a "polyscope", the prototype of today’s endoscope.