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The 1880s


















Trouvé swiftly adapted his battery-powered motor to marine propulsion; to make it easy to carry his marine conversion to and from his workshop to the nearby River Seine, Trouvé made it portable and removable from the boat, thus inventing the outboard engine. On May 26, 1881, the 5m Trouvé prototype, called Le Téléphone reached a speed of 1 m/s (3,6 km/h) going upstream and 2,5 m/s (9 km/h) downstream.



In 1880 Trouvé improved the efficiency of a small electric motor developed by Siemens and using the recently developed rechargeable battery, fitted it to an English James Starley tricycle, so inventing the world’s first electric vehicle.  Although this was successfully tested on April 19, 1881 along the Rue Valois in central Paris, he was unable to patent it.