Trouvé arrives in the US

July 10, 2015



The US publisher of “Gustave Trouvé, French Electrical Genius”, McFarland & Company Inc., is a leading independent publisher of academic and nonfiction books, largely destined for libraries. They are located in a beautiful Appalachian mountain town of Jefferson (famous for its apple orchards), in the northwestern corner of the North Carolina, close to both Tennessee and Virginia. They offer 5,100 books in print, nearly 3,000 ebooks through online booksellers, operate their own printing facility, and employ 55 people. The Scottish Clan McFarlane’s “Lantern”, a folklore name for the full moon, has been incorporated into the company logo, and the clan tartan appears on the company banner. Their lantern has no relationship to Trouvé's portable electric safety lamp of 1884!




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