Night Vision

September 3, 2015




 In July 1889, twenty years after developing his electric rifle,  


Trouvé announced his firearm for nocturnal use including a luminous electric front sight and a powerful electric projector. The front sight used a fine platinum wire placed in a little glass tube itself in a metal tube. It was activated by the miniature battery whereby whenever the gun was raised to the horizontal the battery functioned and the light enabled the marksman to take aim. The projector was another adaptation of the Hélot-Trouvé photophore.

It was a metal tube enclosing a little light bulb in front of which he had placed a convex lens which concentrated the light rays which it projected. In the same way as the electric front sight, the device could be adapted in the extreme end of the weapon, alongside canons, with the aid of two rubber bracelets.

It is only since 2008 that a clip-on thermal vision riflescope that uses infrared light captured by the CCD to enhance low light capabilities has been available for night vision and hog hunting. A range of these using the ATN ThoR system is manufactured by the American Technologies Network Corporation.


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