Joyeux Noël!

December 21, 2015


Today the use of multi-coloured led lights as Christmas decorations and for trees has become universal. Two different families as far afield as Canberra and New York have even gone as far as decorating their homes and properties with up to half a million such lights – 31 miles of lights! In the Asia Pacific region alone, the consumption value of LED lamps used in general lighting is expected to reach to $6.7 billion in 2019. How could our Gustave have ever imagined the popularity of his luminous electric jewels? Was he there when during Christmas 1892 at the Vaudeville Theatre of the Saint-Hubert Galleries in Brussels, Belgium: “There is the electric sword fight….  In the grand finale, you see slowly rising up from the stage a Christmas tree, 12 meters [40 feet] high, decorated with 250 luminous flowers, of all colors, while two luminous fountains sparkle alongside!” Effect: Trouvé de Paris.” Joyeux Noël, Monsieur Trouvé, et merci à nouveau!

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