Certainly NOT Resting In Peace!

July 27, 2016


It was today, on July 27 1902, that Gustave Trouvé, aged 62, died in the intensive care unit of the Saint Louis Hospital in Paris, mostly probably having had his arm with which he had invented so much, amputated.

Although given a decent but modest burial in the cemetary of his native town of Descartes, as nobody paid for the renewal of the concession on his grave, it was dug up and thrown in the common pit.....

But just look around you - at the electric trikes, cars, boats and aircraft and airships in preparation, at the frontal headlamps used worldwide for sport and rescue, at the endscopes, at the wearable technology and all those devices depending on Lilliputian-sized batteries and you will see that his "children" are far from dead and that "Eureka" certainly is not Resting in Peace!



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