Trouvé comes home

October 23, 2016

"On the sunny morning of Saturday 15 October 2016, a fine marbled plaque was at last unveiled in a narrow street in the very heart of the city of Paris, in its 2ème district.

In front of some twenty guests, Monsieur Jacques BOUTAULT, Mayor of the 2e arrondissement and Trouvé biographer, Kevin Desmond pulled the strings. 

The new plaque reads:


 Gustave TROUVÉ

1839 – 1902

Engineer, physicist, chemist and French businessman

Inventor of the endoscope

and the first electric tricycle

Lived in this building.

 It does not mention the fact that Trouvé also invented the first outboard engine which electrically propelled boats up and down the nearby River Seine in 1881.


Opposite the former Trouvé workshop is another plaque commemorating Edouard Scott de Martinville who made the world’s first sound recording in 1860.


Until now only a few select plaques have been unveiled in the 2ème district of the French capital, commemorating Molière and Emile Zola (writers), Edith Piaf (singer) Toulouse-Lautrec (painter), and Sigmund Freud (psychoanalyst).


To find out more about Trouvé, the inventor of 75 instruments, visit his Wikipedia page or go to Gustave Trouvé"

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