An irresistibly sweet previous occupant!

August 10, 2018






From 1878 until his fatal accident in 1902, Trouvé lived and worked at N°14 rue Vivienne, in Paris. 

But who was living and working there before him?

A delicious tale!

Twenty-five years before, in 1853, a certain Eugene-Pierre Perron of 14, rue Vivienne received a patent from the Secretariat of the Prefecture of the Seine department for manufacturing a chocolate chip bread he called “chocolatines”


 and “dragées”  …..

 …..fine chocolate delicately covered with a thin sugar shell. 

The word croissant, which refers to a plain form of pain au chocolat shaped like a half-moon or "crescent", made its entry in the French dictionary in 1863.

 Perron’s adverts and publicity using the rue Vivienne address can be found until 1878.....

 …..when another inventor moved in…..

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