"Electropolis: the Mad History of Electricity"

September 5, 2018


In France, the graphic novel is immensely popular, with 43 million books sold in 2017 alone.


The city of Angoulême is for graphic novels, like Hollywood is for the cinema.


As of 2016, Gustave has featured in a graphic novel by Curd Ridel and Lionel Courtot. It’s called “Electropolis; La Folle Histoire de l’Electricite” (= “Electropolis; the Mad History of Electricity”).


On Page 34, we see this picture.



This means that Trouvé has been now presented to children, alongside all the other great electricians: Franklin, Faraday, Bell, Edison, Hertz, Marconi and Tesla.


In 1902 an obituary said of Trouvé’s inventions: “but it is no less certain that a good number of them, of a practical nature and of an incontestable originality, will follow and transmit the name of Gustave Trouvé to our grandchildren.” At last that prophecy is being fulfilled!


The next step would be a graphic novel entirely devoted to his life…


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