«Gustave Trouvé,

le da Vinci du 19ème siècle?»

(The da Vinci of the 19th Century?)



This is because May 2019 also commemorates the 500th anniversary of the death of another great inventor, Leonardo da Vinci who spent his last years at Clos Lucé, a chateau just 60 km north of Trouvé’s birth town.




Da Vinci died aged 68, outliving Trouvé by just six years.



Alongside the exhibition of Trouvé’s inventions in Descartes, from 11 to 19 May, 2019, an electric boat rally is being planned on the local River Creuse. 



For those bringing their boats by trailer, there will be two launch points, one close to the town quay, the other close to the nautical center, at the Canoe/Kayak school, just 400 metres upstream – the River Creuse being navigable for several km upstream. 


For the overnight stays, there are chalets and also B&Bs around the town. There will also be a catering van serving meals on Saturday and Sunday. Although the boats will be mostly French, if anyone wants to make the pilgrimage from abroad, to honour the inventor of the world’s first rechargeable outboard electric boat,  they would be most welcome!






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