The 1890s

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In 1891 Trouvé developed electric multi-colored fountains for domestic and outdoor use. Seeing the limitations of electrical supply without the reliable support of a national grid, in 1895 he took the recent discovery of acetylene light and had soon harnessed it for domestic use. 


Among his later innovations, he also developed a hybrid fuel pump, an electric massaging machine, an electric keyboard instrument based on Félix Savart’s wheel, a battery-powered wearable lifejacket, a water-jet propelled boat and a streamlined bicycle, as well as several delightful children's toys.

In 1902, Trouvé was working on his latest innovation, a small portable device which used ultra-violet light to treat skin diseases, the prototype of PUVA therapy, when he accidentally cut his thumb and index finger.


Neglecting the wound, septicemia set in and after amputations at the Saint-Louis Hospital, Paris, the 63-year-old inventor died on July 2, 1902 . . . leaving behind a host of unfinished inventions. . . . . and ideas